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Halo Handjob 68MB

Neighborhood hottie Halo gives a handjob quickie to her next door neighbor. After much begging, she finally gives in and reluctantly jerks him off. She then lets the horny guy fuck her massive juggs. Moments later she is blasted with gallons of cum. "Dammit, I told you not to cum on me, no more handjobs for you mister, I'm leaving!"

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Mrs. Trish Demaris 62MB

Mrs. Trish Demaris loves getting jizzed on from the all the neighborhood studs. But when she spots the new guy in town, milf Trish bribes him to come over. Before her husband gets home, the horny milf jerks off his big cock and gets blasted with sticky jizz!

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Mrs. Taylor and Zoe 127MB

Perverted couple Mrs. Taylor and husband Bill host Russian exchange student Zoe. "We're excited to meet you Zoe...Bill and I have so much, uh, in store for you!" Mrs Taylor coaxes teen Zoe into posing nude because Bill loves to take pretty pictures. Speaking only in Russian, teen Zoe is forced to jack of Bills big cock while his wife watches on. After Bills cock explodes his wife says they have even more fun activities planned.

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Mommy Arianna 137MB

Mommy Arianna is pissed and yells at her neighbor Billy for stealing her paper and peeping on her in the shower. Arianna is furious as she storms in and demands an apology from the young stud, until she notices a huge bulge in his pants. Arianna slaps, jerks and forcefully milks out a buckets of cum from the big cock stud.

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Grandma Angie 72MB

Grandma Angie calls up her college bound neighbor Jonny to jack off in front of her while she masturbates at the sight of his large cock. With her hubby asleep in the next room, the horny granny decides to help out. Watch as grandma Angie jacks off, titty fuckes and and gets her face fucked and blasted with jizz.

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Tracy, Dee and Scarlet 134MB

Horny moms Tracy, Dee and Scarlet are frustrated when there husbands ignore them in the bedroom. But once Dee calls up the young stud she is fucking, the three cum crazy moms tag team him and will do whatever it takes to coax cum. "Wanna see him cum on my face?" Says milf Dee.

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Mr. Franklin and JC 93MB

Mr. Franklin coaxes his teen neighbor JC to come over and help jack him off while his wife is away on a business trip. "ok Mr Franklin its a deal, I will jerk your big huge cock again like last time...but only if my friend Zoe can come with me". JC jerks, spits and talks dirty while teen Zoe watches in amazement as warm cum explodes all over them. "Oh my gawd Mr Franklin our pussys are so wet...but all this goey cum is sooo gross!"
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Stacie Starr and Rache Steele  183MB

Stacie Starr and Rache Steele are members of the local M.F.E.B (Moms For Ethical Behavior). They are handing our brochures throughout the neighborhood when they knock on the Johnson's' home. There college bound son Jack answers, and Mrs. Starr lectures Jack about the dangers of college. With his cock erect from beating off in his room, Jack whips it out in front of the two strict MILFS. The horny moms engage in some unethical behavior of their own by helping Jack squirt his load.

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Michelle, Zoe and JC 132MB

Innocent teens Zoe and JC have never even seen a cock in real life. But when Michelle starts talking about how she jacks off her man....the two teens get curious. Michelle decides to teach them a handjob lesson with a lucky stranger. But when he wont cum...the two teens join in to help her out. "OMG I wanna see this guy jizz so bad..cmon JC work that fucking cock!"  With spitting, filthy dirty talk and three hands jacking feverishly, he has no choice but to explode all over the three teens.

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Mrs. Waters and Jezebel 140MB

MIlf Jezebel stops over Mrs. Waters' place to watch a movie when a steamy porn flick comes on instead. Since their husbands are gone the two milfs start masturbating together. Just as their twats are being tweaked the paper boy throws one through the window. They decide to punish him by milking his cock and forcing out a massive cumload.

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Claire 139MB

Busty babe Claire stops over Joey's house to teach him how to bust big loads all over her whopping 44H natural juggs. The highlight of this episode is when the top heavy hottie makes his cock disappear between her massive rack, then jacks him off until he explodes between Claire's juggs!

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Alexis and Her Real Mom 97MB

Mrs. Johnson and Alexis are foreclosing on their home. When the eviction officer arrives, Mrs. Johnson will do anything to save her home. "Please Mister...If I jack your cock...will you let us stay?" Without hesitation Alexis starts stripping and pulling on his cock. "c'mon Alexis..make that big cock spurt hot jizz!". The officer promises not to tell his boss, in return for free handjobs from the horny duo.

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Jennifer 149 MB

Mr. Carlsons wife hires their next door neighbor Jennifer to help clean each week. Jennifer accidentally spots photos of her on his computer. "Mr. Carlson...um, how did you get photos of me?" She then sees a photo of Mr. Carlsons cock. "Mr. Carlson...I think I can help you get better photos" The cum hungry teen begins to jerk off Mr. Carlson as he snaps away his camera.

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Mrs. Miller 50MB

Top heavy mom with 42F juggs Mrs. Miller is upset that Mrs. Robinson is getting all the action so this horny housewife stops by demanding big cumloads by jerking and milking out a mega load of jizz. "Squirt that hot load all over my fucking juggs" screams Mrs. Miller as she spits, tit fucks, sucks and a jacks on a huge cock.

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Mrs. Robinson 201MB

Mrs. James is having some fun with Billy when Mrs. Robinson stops over to drop off some mail. She spots Billys big cock. "OMG!, I'm sorry, ummm, can I borrow him for a few hours! My husband is gone" The two housewives begin sucking and jacking. Mrs. Robinson jacks off Billy until he explodes all over Mrs. James gaping ass. "I wish my husband shot loads that big!"

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Mrs. Ray 87MB

Grandma Ray stops by to measure Johnny for a tux when she accidentally touches his cock. This get out of hand when Johnny whips it out and starts jacking off right in front of Mrs. Ray. "OMG, put that huge cock away before I have to finish what you started!" Mrs. Ray sucks and milks out a mega cumload. "wow...you feel better now dont you"

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Mrs. James 125MB

Mrs. James is in a hurry when she walks in on neighbor Jimmy playing with his new toy. "OMG!...Jimmy let me try it" Mrs. James has no time to spare, so she quickly jerks the stud off with a squishy until his huge cock explodes. "Now c'mon, get outta here, my husband is on his way!"

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Stacie 140MB

Milf neighbor Stacie Starr peeks in and sees Jimmy jerking off his massive cock as he begs her to join in. She reluctantly agrees but what she doesn't realize is the whole thing is secretly taped ...until she finds the hidden camera, and decides to have a little fun of her own!

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Bella 36MB

Busty BBW Bella is so cumstarved she has no choice but to break into Mr. Johnson's home late at night and give him a five knuckle shuffle while he is sleeping. Bella finds it hard to keep quite as his cock erupts cum all over her. Bella is eventually charged with breaking and entering, but Mr. Johnson drops all charges in return for nightly jack jobs from his cum hungry neighbor.

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Shyla 92MB

Big tit teen Shyla is selling magazines for her fundraiser when she stops over Mr. Frankins house. "Ok Mr. Frankin, If you promise not to tell your wife and buy my magazine...I will let you jizz all over my boobs, OK?" To Mr. Frankins suprise, the magazines she is selling is actually HER nude photos from a dirty magazine she shot for! Mr. Franklin kicks back while flipping through Shyla's mag while she jacks him off until he explodes.

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Frankie 43MB

Step-mom Frankie acctidentally catches Billy masturbating. She notices how nice his cock is and decides to join in by helping him jack off to his favorite porno. Billy kicks back watching his favorite porn vid while Frankie helps bust his nut all over himself!

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Claire Spencer 63MB

Claire makes a bet with her strict boss that she can make him cum in under five minutes. If she wins the bet... she gets a raise! Claire then uses her huge tits and hands to make her boss explode his jizz all over her whopping 44fff tits! "Hurry up Mr. White...jizz on these fucking juggs!"

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Arianna-2 171MB

Mrs. Labarbara's husband is away on business when she starts finger fucking her tight pussy when Jimmy stops by to give her a massive load. "C'mon Jimmy, hurry up and cum, my husband Frank will be home any minute!" As Jimmy explodes mountains of goo!

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Leihla and Sara James 105MB

Teen Leihla catches Mrs. James jerking off her boyfriend. "OMG Mrs. James stop it!...your gonna make my boyfriend cum!" Says Leihla. Mrs. James then starts tweaking her twat at the sight of Billys large cock as he explodes a mega sized cumload!

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Margo Sullivan 198MB

"OMG Joey, I want to see that big huge cock burst, but hurry up my hubby will be home!" Says Margo. MILF Margo loves next door neighbor Joey. Every time her hubby is away, Margo loves to jack off the young stud. Spitting and dirty talking makes him shoot out buckets of cum!

Rachel and Penny 125 MB

Mommy Rachel catches her neighbor Jimmy asleep with a massive boner while her friend Penny shows up at just the right time! "OMG..this is so wrong" "Lets go jerk off that huge cock, c'mon!" The two milfs then beat off Jimmy's big cock, but they dont have any lube...so they use each others spit to jerk out buckets of cum!

MIssy and Amo 152MB

Goth teen Missy is caught jacking off her neighbor Billy. "Your honestly gonna sit there and jack off that huge cock in front of me!" Says her friend Amo. She then shows Missy how to bust big out cumloads the right way...by spitting and jacking feverishly!

Sara James 53MB

MILF Sara James gets a call from her girlfriend Angel while jacking off her neighbor. "I've got my hands full with Billy can I , uh, call you back?" She then describes with detail what she is doing. "Hey Angel, wanna hear me make Billy burst?" Says hot mom Sara.

Keri Lynn 192MB

Hot mommy Keri Lynn is back and gets naked and nasty after coming home from a hard days work. The hot mom suprises the pool boy Billy and things get out of hand. "I want to jerk your huge massive cock Billy" Soon after, she forces a massive cumshot all over the shower door!

Margo 2 100MB

Meet the neighborhood milf Margo Sullivan, who loves nothing more than jacking off big huge cocks until they erupt mountains of man goo! Over 40 and horny, Margo gets cumblasted while laying out. Things get out of hand as she ends up milking a massive cumshot!

Keri 2 156MB

After hearing about Billy getting milked by all the local moms, Milf Keri decides to take the challenge. "My girlfriend's say your cock is huuuge...please let me jerk it for you...you can even shoot that load all over my face, c'mon how bout it Billy?!"

Carmen and Kayla 115MB

"Ok, we can help you jerk your cock Mr. Franklin, but we aint gonna swallow the sticky stuff thats gross, oh my gawd!" Says two curious teens Karla and Carmen as they spot the neighborhood perv jerking his cock!

Keama 34MB

Sup! Watch sexy ebony babe Keama and her whopping big juggs get jizzed across by a massive cock! The highlight of this episode is when the top heavy hottie gets her pussy penetrated while milking a large cumshot!

Jackie and Victoria 114MB

After getting a lil tipsy at her party next door, these milfs wanna jerk jizz before thier husbands gets home. "Hurry up Jackie I wanna see this cock burst" Watch as these two armatures force gallons of cum from the neighbor!

Victoria Handjob 73MB

Hot mommy Victoria jerks a massive load out of the neighbor boy in just under two minutes. Nasty dirty talking and slobbering does the trick as milf Victoria takes the challenge for the worlds quickest cumblast!

Arianna Labarbara 115MB

Watch sexy milf Arianna Labarbara spit and slobber all over a huge cock, then she teases you with some nasty dirty talking until a massive load of jizz bursts onto her face and hands! "Oh fuck yeah" says Arianna. " I know your gonna make that cock cum for me!" This chick is intense!

Danica and Christy 72MB

Danica Cage and Christy are demonstrating a massager when things get out of hand. Danica took charge by beating the fuck out of a large prick! Taking turns giving the hottest tug job. "Jack that pretty fuckin' cock Danica!"says Christy. These amateur chicks are simply badass!

Debbie 73MB

This amateur granny Debbie is one horny freak...but when the sight of a massive erect cock she gets even hornier. Watch Debbie get cum blasted as she tugs and milks a big cock. You can tell she is geting worked up as she begins to play with her wet dripping pussy while jerkin that huge cock!

Delilah Strong 119MB

Meet Delilah Strong as she engages in cock abuse, spitting, gagging, slapping to get off neighbor dude...Delilah strokes the hell outta his cock jerking, and giving a incredible handjob, but he wont cum? Watch what Delilah does next to force this guy to burst...OMG!

Joey Lynn 153MB

Amateur Milf Joey Lynn face lights up at as she jerks a fat cock until buckets of cum spurts out all over her hands! "Do you feel better now" Joey Lynn says her pink pussy gets wet at the sight of large cum blasts! Fuck yeah my kinda chick!



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