Toi Clayton Mini Pack (Hott off The Press)

Description:Toi Clayton, who sometimes modelled as Toy or Lawanda Peabody, began making porn movies in 1992. Her first film was 'Superstar Masturbation' where she got herself off in a hot solo scene. Toi soon began making hardcore films after that, moft of her films focusing on interracial sex. In 1995, Toi moved behind the camera and began producing her own interracial film series called 'Toy Clayton's Black Women, White Men'.

In 1997 Toi retired from hardcore movies, only appearing in non-sexual scenes. She soon faded from the adult scene to attend school but returned in 2000 in Los Angeles as a pro-dominatrix. She has since left that career and her whereabouts are unknown.


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loving it, i really wanna see these videos


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