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Bad Girls (1981) - Michelle Bauer - Anna Ventura - Victoria Knoll - Lenora Bruce

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【Run Time】 : 1:22:02

Movie Description

Warning: Dvd doesn't appear to work properly unless you have the whole thing EG: Trailers won't work without all the extra shite nor will menus.
Four models go on a vacation in the woods. They enjoy themselves rowing around the lake, sunbathing, and running around totally naked. They are also being spied on by a secret society that kidnaps beautiful women to train them as love slaves.  Written by Texican2
An all-girl road trip: four comely, young gals travel through the Rocky Mountains disrupting everything in their path with their sexual antics. From teasing a poor scout who hitches the ride of his life to stiffening a lonely wood cutter's equipment, the vacationing vixens are just out for fun. Witnessing the women's promiscuous behavior, a horny scoutmaster brings their attention to a group of locals who take them hostage and aim to have their way with them. The girls match the 'bad boys' stroke for stroke and escape with the help of the local scout master (But not until after one of them seduces him).
David I. Frazer
David I. Frazer
  Cast (in credits order)
        Michelle Bauer        ...         Angie (as Pia Snow)
        Anna Ventura        ...         Chrissy (as Jasmine du Bai)
        Victoria Knoll        ...         Kate
        Lenora Bruce        ...         Bo
        John Leslie        ...         The Woodsman
        Ron Jeremy        ...         Slater
        Richard Pacheco        ...         Jerry
        Mike Filene        ...         The Judge (as Mike Feline)
        Lee Carroll        ...         Woodsman's Girl in Red (as Lee Carol)
        Lisa Lang        ...         Slave
        Sylvia Benedict        ...         Slave
        Mei Ling        ...         Asian Slave Girl (as Jennifer Wright)
        Erica Johnston        ...         Slave (as Eurica Johnson)
        Copper Penny        ...         Slave Girl (as Donna Ferguson)
        Leslie Winston        ...         Woodsman's Girl in White
        Liza Moore        ...         Slave
        Randy West        ...         Society Brother
        Mike Ranger        ...         Society Brother
        Kevin James        ...         Society Brother (as Gene DuQuene)
        John Handler        ...         The Boyscout
        Michael Snow        ...         Society Brother
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